Vol. 6

Vol. 6, No.1 (October 2000) – Table of Contents

Preface – Important news from CESIO 2000 – LAS biodegrades even in the absence of air

  • Assessment of the environmental relevance of anaerobic biodegradation of surfactants ( J.L. Berna, L. Cavalli, A. Guldner, N. Battersby, R. Fletcher, D. Schowanek, and J. Steber)
  • The misuse of anaerobic biodegradation criteria in regulatory affairs of surfactants (J.L. Berna)
  • The use of specific analytical methods to assess the anaerobic biodegradation of LAS (D. Prats, M. Rodreguez, J.M. Llamas, M.A. De La Muela, J. Ferrer, A. Moreno and J.L. Berna)
  • Evaluation of the inhibition potential of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) to the methanogenic process (J.L Sanz, N. Rodriguez, J. Ferrer, A. Moreno and J.L. Berna)
  • Anaerobic transformation of LAS in continuous stirred tank reactors treating sewage sludge (I. Angelidaki, F. Haagensen and B.K. Ahring)
  • Identification of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate biodegradation intermediates in anoxic marine coastal sediments (V.M. León, E. González-Mazo, J.M. Forja and A. Gómez-Parra)
  • The complete degradation of LAS is becoming better understood with pure cultures of bacteria (A.M. Cook and D. Hrsak)
  • Bioavailabilty of LAS from activated sludge (M.T. García, I. Ribosa, E. Campos, M. Dalmau and J. Sánchez Leal)
  • Elimination of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) in sewage biosolids by composting (D. Prats, M. Rodriguez, M.A. Muela, J.M. Llamas, J. Ferrer, A. Moreno, J.L. Berna, A. Nielsen and C. Naylor)
  • Monitoring studies in the UK designed for the validation of the geo-referenced exposure assessment tool for European rivers [GREAT-ER] (M.S. Holt, M. Daniel, H. Buckland and K.K. Fox)
  • Validation of the GREAT-ER model in the River Lambro catchment (C. Gandolfi, A. Faachi, M.J. Whelan, G. Cassani, G. Tartari and A. Marcomini)
  • Use of isomer distributions to characterize the environmental fate of LAS (S.W. Morrall, W.M. Begley, J.M. Rawlings, W.S. Eckhoff and D.J. Versteeg)
  • Surfactants in sediments (L. Cavalli, G. Cassani, S. Pravettoni, G. Nucci, M. Lazzarin, A. Zatta and L. Vigano)