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What We Do

The Council for LAB/LAS Environmental Research (CLER) is an organization of scientists and technical specialists representing manufacturers of linear alkylbenzene (LAB) and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS).

We are dedicated to promoting and defending the environmental safety of LAS and the material from which it is produced, LAB. We engage in the following activities on behalf of the surfactants and detergent industry:

Conduct, publish and promote
scientific research on the environmental safety of LAB/LAS
Monitor research and news
related to LAB/LAS and defend the environmental safety of LAB/LAS
Advocate on behalf of the cleaning industry to international authorities
regarding regulatory developments on LAB/LAS, especially any regulations not based on science

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    What Our Members Say

    “If LAS is important to your company, you ought to be a member of CLER, the only global organization dedicated to supporting and defending this key detergent ingredient.”

    --Ricky Stackhouse, Ph.D., Sasol Performance Chemicals, Westlake, Louisiana, USA